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About #WordsStick

What’s one of the most hurtful phrases or words someone has said to you? Do you remember who said it, how old you were when it was said, and the context behind the phrase? Perhaps it created an insecurity– one that you still think about. Or maybe it’s a phrase you haven’t thought about in a while but now that it’s on your mind, you remember exactly how you felt when it was said to you.


WGN sports anchor Lauren Magiera writes a hurtful phrase that’s been repeatedly said to her since joining the news industry over a decade ago.

Whatever the case, it turns out words are pretty powerful– well the ideas behind those words are at least. You see, words create ideas. And it’s those ideas and feelings– the ones created by those words when they were said to you– that leave such an impression.

Now, what’s one of the most positive or encouraging phrases that’s been said to you? Who said it? When was it said? How did you feel? It’s not just negative words or phrases that can stick with you. It’s positive ones too… and they can be just as impactful.


Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx writes an encouraging phrase her grandmother said to her at a young age. She still relies on this phrase to get her through challenging moments.

#WordsStick is a social awareness campaign that generates conversation about the impact and power of words and encourages kindness.

Join the movement by writing a hurtful and/or encouraging phrase that has been said to you and stuck with you. Post it on social media using the hashtag #WordsStick.

About Me

This campaign was created by Loyola University Chicago graduate student Kaitlin McMurry for her capstone project. Kaitlin is an award-winning digital content producer and non-narrative filmmaker. 

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