The Power of Words

The "Power of Words" campaign brings 12 strangers together to share the words or phrases that left a lasting impression on them. These videos aim to show our commonality in that we have all had some very hurtful and uplifting things said to us.

They remind us that words can disable, words can enable, #WordsStick.

The Storytellers:

Ally is a figure skating coach and Kendall is a freshman at Loyola University Chicago.

Queenie and Brandon.jpg

Queenie & Brandon

Queenie is a "journalist in training" and Brandon Pope is reporter/anchor at WCIU Chicago.

Tiffany & Josh

Tiffany is video/science journalist and Josh is a social worker/musician.

Tiffany and Josh.jpg

Ally & Kendall

Ally and Kendall.jpg

Jori is a social worker at a middle school and Jared is a comedian.

Jane and Hayden.jpg

Jane & Hayden

Jane is an aspiring actress and Hayden is the co-host of O-Kei!! podcast.

Marsden & Adam

Marsden is a writer/stand up comedian and Adam is a filmmaker.

Marsden and Adam.jpg
Jori and Jared.jpg

Jori & Jared